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1.  Q- How many tools can I track? 


  A - Unlimited


2. Q-How many users can I have?


  A- Unlimited


3.  Q-How does it track the tools?


  A-Place a barcode on the tool you want to track, then scan the barcode. 

     Enter the info about the tool into the app; what kind of tool, which job site that   

     you are assigning tool to, the foreman or Incharge of that job, and category of tool. 


4.  Q-Can I transfer a tool or a whole list of tools from one job site to another?


   A-Yes, you have the option to transfer tools either individually or the whole group of



5.  Q-How do I scan the barcode?


   A-You can use your iphone, ipod, ipad, or Android device.


6.  Q-Who in the company will have access to the tool information?


   A-Anyone that you give permission to use it.


7.  Q-Where will they be able to access the information from?


   A-Anywhere your smartphone gets service and back at the office on your computer.


8.  Q-Where do I purchase the barcodes?



9.  Q - How do I upgrade my tool package? 

     A -   To upgrade your tool package you will need to go to settings in the app and click on

            "Upgrade Now" button

             Scroll down the screen and select the package you want

             Confirm subscription

             Once the subscription is confirmed then you will need to go into your iTunes

             account and cancel the previous subscription that you had.   

10.  Q -  Will everyone have access to changing tool information?

        A - No, you have the ability to set up an administrator or several administrators, 

             who will be able to edit information in the app.  So if you want all you foreman to

             have that responsibility then set them up as administrators and everyone else up as

             incharge. The incharge will not be able to edit information.


11.  Q-  Can I use another form of payment other than a credit card to pay for my subscription?

       A.   Yes,  you can use a PayPal account to pay for your subscription.  With PayPal you can   

             deposit money in your account through your bank account.  You can deposit enough            

             money to fund your subscription for a year and then set it up so your subscription draws from

             the  money in the account.

12.   Q-  Can I enter an excel spreadsheet of tools at one time?

        A-  Yes, there is an option to  enter tools individually or all at one time using an excel spreadsheet

13.    Q- How do I cancel my subscription?

         A-  To cancel your subscription you will need to go to your iTunes account or your Google Play

              account and go to manage your subscriptions.  Then select cancel, but be aware that all the

              information you entered will be lost, if you decide to cancel.

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