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Tool Tracker Application

Tool Tracking System


Fotolia 53922553 XStool tracking and equipment management application for use in construction and mining industries













The management of job site tools and tasks can be a daunting and time consuming task, especially for companies who have

multiple job sites spread all over the state, in some cases several states or even possibly the world.  Having a computer and smartphone application that can help you keep track of all of that can come in very handy.

These days smart phones are everywhere.  In fact, chances are your company foreman are going to have their own smartphone easily accessible on the job site.  

By downloading our Tool Tracker App you will give your foreman the capability to scan a barcode and enter tool description, enter tool job site info and keep track of tool inventory.  They will also be able to transfer a tool or the whole list of tools to a different jobsite when needed.

Begin by downloading our new Tool Tracker App and then purchase barcodes for tracking, it's that simple.  

Plus you can have instant access to all job site information right from the office or from any place your smart phone gets service.